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September 1, 2016
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The Need To Invest For Your Children


As a parent, we are responsible for making our child’s future as bright as possible. And each one of us wants our child to have the best of everything. We want to provide them with all the best facilities and make their life comfortable.

Along with all the small day to day needs they also have some bigger financial needs in their future, which we need to plan from now itself and invest for. It could be their costly higher education, Dream wedding or even buying a house and settling in life.

Needs of you child


One of the best thing you can do as a parent is to provide your child with the best education possible, to make sure he excels in his career. But we all know the cost of quality higher education is going up every year. And chances are that you may not have the amount of money instantly at that time.

Thus you will be left with only one option and that is take an education loan.  And the consequences of that are really bad, because Once your child passes out from the college he/she will have a huge burden of debt to pay off. So we really need to plan something from now itself.


Your child’s wedding is one more thing which may require a huge amount of money. As wedding is a one­time thing and we all want it to be the best, you need to spend heavily you want your child to have a lavish wedding.

Today’s generation is very fond of the destination wedding and luxury honeymoon, So make sure you do not upset them by not being prepared.


Later in life your child would like to settle in on his own and would require to buy a house.  As  we  know  house  prices  are  skyrocketing and it is extremely hard for a newcomer to buy one.

We understand that it would be hard for you to plan for the complete value of the new house but the more you could do the less he/she will have to take as debt.

These are just few common one’s but their could be many more needs which may require huge financial help.

How to plan for all this?

Each of these things will require huge amount of money,  and as no parents want their child to struggle in life we usually start saving for their future needs. But it is important for you to understand why saving is not enough for your child’s bright future. If you really want some good results then you need to start investing.

As we know the price of everything is rising and inflation is slowly killing the value of your money. Thus your need to take an investment route rather than savings. You can go for a good systematic investment plan by Consulting your investment planner. This will make sure you save regularly and end up with a huge sum.

As it is about your child’s future so make sure you invest in a relatively safer asset. But also make sure that the return should be high enough to beat inflation.

I  hope  you  understood  the  need to invest for your children and will perform your responsibility smartly.

Moiz Choolawala
Moiz Choolawala
Moiz Choolawala is the founder of Plansmart and a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. An MBA in Finance and Marketing Moiz is an experienced investment adviser and blogs about investments, personal finance, insurance planning and tax planning.

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