Financial Planning Services

Complete Financial Planning Services from Plansmart

Our SEBI registered investment advisers provide complete financial planning services that include investment planning, retirement planning, children's future planning, insurance planning and tax planning. If any of these areas are neglected it may lead to financial distress in future and as a result an unfulfilling life experience. We have clients in Mumbai and all across India who have benefited from our services and made their financial lives simpler.

Investment Planning

Investment planning is critical to reach your financial goals. There is no one solution that works for all. The right solution is the one that works for you and it is our job to discover such an investment strategy for you.

Investment Planning is one of the most important aspects of Financial Planning, as it is not just important to earn and save and then to invest, but WHEN, WHERE and HOW much to invest along with the risks involved are the important decisive factors in creating a proper and sound Financial Plan.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is as much a reality as much as its planning a neglected activity. There is a lot more to retirement than just resting on an armchair and playing with grandchildren. Plan your retirement now!

In the life stage of a human being there are 4 Phases: Child, Adult, Working, Retirement. The Child stage is usually taken care of by the parent’s/guardian’s, Adult and Working phases are self taken care of. Where most of the people fail is to visualize/forsee and plan their retirement properly, considering the important aspects like inflation, emergency financial requirements, health requirements, family requirement,etc. Most of these are procrastinated by majority as it does not affect them in the present. But what people fail to understand is when these situations arise in future, they can’t go back and plan. Hence the only way to avoid such difficult situations is to pre-plan their retirement by a disciplined and planned approached towards a proper retirement Planning which will help in enjoying their retirement phase at will.

Child's Future Planning

All parents want to give the best possible upbringing to their children, including good education and security. Plan now for your child's future to that when it is time to provide for his or her higher education and wedding.

Child's future planning involves:

  • Child’s school education
  • Child’s higher education
  • Child’s Marriage
  • Child’s holiday trip’s on a periodic basis

Insurance Planning

It is extremely important that every person, especially the breadwinner, covers the risks to his life, so that his family's quality of life does not undergo any drastic change in case of an unfortunate eventuality.

Insurance planning inclludes:

  • Life Insurance Planning for Self and Dependents
  • Health Insurance Planning for entire family
  • Accessing the liabilities and dependence and advising the required Insurance Plan from the company which will be best suited to the client’s needs
  • Vehicle, Travel, Fire, and any other such Miscellaneous General Insurance Planning

Tax Planning

A good citizen should always pay tax. But he should not end up paying unnecessary tax. A smart citizen is one who pays tax but also makes maximum use of provisions available in Tax Laws to minimize it.

Tax plaanning is one of the most important aspect of a working individual as it might be possible that he/she earns Rs.5 Lacs a year but what he actually receives is an amount under Rs.4 Lacs. This is due to the tax which has to be paid towards the income earned. To optimize the income over a period of time, there are many tax savings opportunities available from PPF, NSC, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, which emphasize the individuals to invest and plan for longer periods of time towards Retirement, Health Issues, Emergency Funds, Buying a house, etc. We help to effectively and efficiently provide a detailed planning, so as to help the individual achieve tax planning in a disciplined and tailor made to their needs.

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