Plansmart Financial Consultants

PlanSmart is a financial advisory firm headed by Moiz Choolawala who is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and FPB certified Associate Financial Planner, and one of the leading financial consultants in Mumbai. With us, you get thoroughly researched and trustworthy advise on wealth creation, the best mutual funds, stocks, gold, insurance, etc. to support your financial planning. No matter how complex your portfolio is, we help you navigate towards reaching your financial goals.
  • I just started with them because it was started by my friend Moiz because of our relationship, but now after 4 and ½ years it is more clearly a professional relationship with them as a client rather then just as a friend, they have been able to guide me through different financial and tax options i.e. in a way making my life simple.
    Vinayak Shenoy
    SEO Analyst, Acer India
  • They do not just assist me in managing my finance but also assist me to plan for my future goals like marriage,purchase of home,etc.
    Mustanseer Sadarwala
    Vice President, Goldman Sachs
  • I have known Moiz personally as a friend. But this is not a reason enough to entrust someone to look after your finances. It took me quite some time to take a back seat after handing him the responsibility of the little money that I have saved in 1.5 years of my career. Initially, it was a small chuck of money that I asked him to invest in the Stock market just to take a litmus test. I must admit, he helped my money grow to the target that I had set. Now I do not venture into any investments without his advice. I can confidently say that had it not been for his advice, today, my money would have at the most been locked up in some FD. It has been years now for our business relationship.
    Kirtana Suri
    Self Employed

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